What is Happening to the Tampa Bay Rays? Astros tie the Series and Force a Game 7

Written by schultzyca

What is happening to the Tampa Bay Rays? After quickly going up 3-0 against the Astros they find themselves in a winner takes all Game 7, on the verge of one the biggest choke jobs ever.

I am so pissed that Houston more than likely now will advance to the World Series. They have to be cheating right? Who knows all I know is I hate the expanded postseason because this bum Astros should not be in the postseason. Anyways what should be talked about is how much of a moron Kevin Cash is with these bull crap analytics, if I have said it once I will say it a thousand times STOP LETTING NERDS RUIN BASEBALL. I know the game has changed and with that technology and numbers play a huge impact into how the game is played but baseball is baseball it hasn’t changed in 100 years play the game the right way don’t let numbers determine everything you do. But I understand that Tampa Bay is one of the most analytically driven teams in baseball and they have had great success because of it but when games matter throw analytics out the window and play the game the right way. You can’t take Snell out in the stop can’t happen. Also this ‘lockdown’ bullpen that they have is super overrated and I am glad it is getting exposed because the Yankee’s couldn’t hit any of those no name pricks. Anyways they haven’t done the ultimate choke job yet, but the Rays are pretty damn close to doing it.

The worse part is the Astros are such an unlikable group the fact that they could go the World Series and potentially win makes me sick. We will never hear the end of it if those arrogant dirt bags win it all. Please don’t choke Tampa Bay, please I am begging you.

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