What is ESPN thinking with this top 10 list? #NBA

Written by Jeffrey Iafrate

ESPN recently released came out with a list that was created among various NBA insiders ranking top players under 25 years old based solely on potential. Plenty of people put their own input on the list over social media including celebrities like Darius Slay. Most of the list makes sense but my question is how can you have the guts to put Devin Booker at 8th when he’s only 24 years old and still has plenty of room to grow, why punish Booker for his age when Mitchell is also 24. Both players can still get better and aren’t finished products, so why is one ranked 4th and one is ranked 8th when both are winning for their respected teams.

Trae Young was a notable player left off this list, currently this season at the age of 22 he’s averaging 25.3 points and 9.5 assists for the year. Darius Slay voiced his opinion on Trae Young should of made the rankings, and since Young liked the tweet everyone must be on the same page.

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