What is Dr. Disrespect Doing At The Suns Game? @drdisrespect

Written by schultzyca

YouTube and Twitch streamer Dr. Disrespect was spotted at the Suns and Clippers game tonight. He also untentionally was apart of one of the coldest pictures of 2021

It also helps that Devin Booker has the face mask on, but it is very weird sight that Dr. Disrespect is at the Suns Clippers game, probably more odd but none the less Twitter is losing it that he is at the game.

Also Dr. Disrespect deserves a lot of credit for being one of the only streamers that has overcame being almost cancelled like five times but he comes back stronger every time it seems. Also has anyone noticed Lil Wayne is in this picture too, that even makes it more legendary. Dr. Disrespect looks as though that he should be coaching either the Suns or Clippers and he looks absolutely locked in.

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