What in the Hell in Jolibee?!… Michiganders are Confused and Angry Over Fast Food Chain Map’s Selection

Written by Nate

For those who work or have worked for Jolibee, forgive me for this blog. But I’m telling it like it is here in the rant.

Earlier today, a post by Barstool Sports showed the most favorite fast food places across the United States, based on research from Public Information and Statistics Society (PISS). And they have listed the state of Michigan with… Jolibee.

Let’s say Michiganders are pretty confused on Barstool’s selections.

According to sources, Jolibee is an alternate version to KFC that serves fried chicken, spaghetti, and other meals. Also for a fun fact, it is also based from the Philippines.

Yet, there are NO locations of the restaurants anywhere in Michigan, even in the Upper Peninsula. The two closest locations are in Chicago and Skokie, Illinois!

I really don’t know HOW you can place Jolibee as our favorite fast food places, when there aren’t ANY locations within the state itself!

Maybe the society needs to recheck their research next time because there are plenty of well-known fast food restaurants that were worthy of being on this map for the state itself. Just saying.

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