What Happens in Vegas…. Stays in Vegas!

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What Happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas! At least that might not be the case for Las Vegas running back Josh Jacobs. Jacobs played in the most recent Hall of Fame game, which was a bit precarious considering starters don’t usually play in the Hall of Fame game. Is this a sign that Jacobs fighting for his starting position? NOw Jacobs did pretty well in this game, rushing 5 times for 30 yards and hauling in 2 receptions for 14 yards. Is this enough for the star runnning back to stay in Vegas? Is Mcdaniels ready to roll with Jacobs or roll the dice with a trade aand go with Zamir White? It is Vegas where taking a gamble is expected.

Jacobs has rushed for 1,000 yards in his first two seasons and 872 yards in 2021. This doesn’t sound like a guy on the decline, why the rumors of a possible trade? Jacobs has been the raiders most consistent player since being drafted in 2019. McDaniels recently said to reporters the reason for Jacobs playing was ” I always think it’s good for backs to carry the ball in the preseason”. Yes it is good for your skill positions to get sometime in the pre-season but why risk your star running back? Mcdaniels has a history in New England with having a running back by commitee backfield. Is Mcdaniels trying to bring that type of backfield to Vegas? The raiders did opt out of jacobs 5th year option and agreed to terms with Kenyan Drake last year. Also drafting Zamir white ( who had a pretty good performance in the Hall of Fame game) and signing Brandon bolden. Otherwise why take the risk in your star running back hurting himself in a meaningless game?

If Jacobs does get traded, his cap hit for 2022 is only $3.796 million so lets take a look at the teams who I think make the most sense. In my opinion there are only 4 teams that can make this trade and it make sense. Lets start off with the AFC power house in the Buffalo Bills. With the Bills only having $5.5 milllion in cap space this trade could happen but unfortunately for BIlls fans it most likely wont. The next team on my list are the Miami Dolphins. Yes the Dolphins have more cap space at $16.52 million,with that being said the Dolphins also signed Sony Michel, Raheem Mostert, and chase Edmunds in this off season. This scenario is the most unlikely out of the 4 teams on this list. The team that is next on this list has a running back who scored 0 touchdowns in 2021. Yes that team is the Philadelphia Eagles. Even after signing Aj Brown to a massive $100 million dollar contract they still have $8.9 million in cap space left. I think with the addition of Jacobs this team has a chance at the NFC east crown and a deep run in the playoffs. The last team on my list is the Houston Texans. The Texans have the most cap space available at roughly $17 million. With the Texans trading Deshaun Watson to the Cleveland Browns,( more on Watson in my last article.) they have the draft pick capital to make it happen. Davis mills needs another weapon besides Brandin Cooks. In my opinion the Texans make the most sense, but the fan in me wants to see the Bills make this trade. Which team will Jacobs play for in 2022? Raiders, Dolphins, Bills, Eagles, Texans, or another dark horse team?

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