What happened with Conor McGregor’s surgery?

Written by Noah Gagnon

Conor McGregor underwent surgery on his completely obliterated tibia and it waaaassssssssss…. a success!!!! Yayy!!! Wooo!! Although, if you saw the guy in the cage after the fight you wouldn’t even know he needed surgery. The guy was literally dancing on the stretcher with his leg snapped in half. Legend.

There wasn’t much to be impressed with from Conor last night, but there’s no denying the guy’s toughness. Does he not feel pain? Is he one of those sociopaths that could just stick his hand on a hot stove and feel nothing? It was really miraculous, man. He didn’t even sound like he was in pain when he was talking to Rogan after the fight.

What I’m confused about is how the surgery was in the morning after his leg was snapped in half, like what did he do all night? Did he just hit the casino with 1.5 tibia’s and drink the pain away? Was he at least able to do some blow at the after-party to numb the leg? I can’t imagine a coke hangover mixes well with anesthesia, but it’s Conor McGregor, he can handle it.

Unfortunately, it’s probably gonna be at least a year and a half before we see the Notorious back in the cage, but I’ll be counting down every second. Oh, and for the record, two of my top 5 favorite athletes walking the earth, Dak Prescott and Conor McGregor, both completely snapped their legs in half within the same year of each other. So I’ll be walking around in a cloudy heap of depression for the next few days minimum.

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