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What ESPN Doesn’t Let You See

The media seems to focus on the Knicks turmoil than the good that they do for the community. I guess controversy does sell and get clicks but there’s way more than the media likes to show when it comes to the New York team. With only 35 likes and 12 retweets, the SNY Twitter shares that the Knicks and the Rangers are joining together to host a youth sports symposium to commemorate Juneteenth.

As we know, Juneteenth is a holiday that commemorates the ending of slavery here in the United States. Now more than ever, we need to be mindful, thoughtful, and observe with open minds.

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The Garden will be hosting this symposium led by Knicks legend Allan Houston with an appearance from current Knicks GM Scott Perry as well as Anson Carter, Rangers alumni as their representative. This symposium will be focused on teaching kids to use sport as a way to get together in unity during a time with so much division. It will surely help steer the future generation of this community into the right direction with inclusive mindsets rather than a hateful one.

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Among other news, Taj Gibson lead a campaign to extend lunch programs to more than 90 NY Housing Projects. As a Brooklyn native, he certainly does his part to enact a positive change in his community.

As laughable as the Knicks can be on the court, these news stories should never go unnoticed. And don’t look now, they just may be building something down the line Knicks fans can be proud of.

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