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What Does This Loss Mean For Michigan Hoops?

Written by Jonathan Garner

Nothing. Looking at the books and rankings and everything, this loss does not impact Michigan at all. They are still the Big Ten champs, still the #1 seed in the Big Ten tournament with a double bye, and still the #1 seed come March Madness.

BUT, there’s a but. This loss does feel like a kick to the groin, and kind of takes away from a great season. To have a split with MSU after dominating all year is really disappointing. You almost have to sweep MSU to put the cherry on top, so this loss does hurt a little. If Michigan happens to find themselves playing MSU in the tournament, then that win will make up for this one.

Having Eli Brooks go down with what looked to be a bad ankle roll early on in the game, it’s tough to come back from that. Eli is a key defender for this team and Michigan is 0-2 when Brooks is not healthy. Praying for a speedy recovery on him and that he is ready to go for the big dance.

So in all reality, this loss did not impact Michigan at all. But it does hurt the feels just a bit. I said it once and I’ll say it again. GO BLUE!!

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Jonathan Garner

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