Whether you frequent online casinos or are new to a gambling environment, you are likely to come across the term RTP. What do you think it means? It’s an acronym for Return to Player and is measured as a percentage. However, it surely is not as simple as it appears, and anyone planning to spin the reels or try one’s hand at a virtual casino game needs to know its true meaning.

Whether it’s the ICE casino or any other gaming site, no matter where you play, you cannot avoid it. So, keep reading to learn everything about RTP, as that will help you make an informed decision.

Casino RTP Explained

How do you think an online casino pay for its online platform, keeps its staff happy with salary on time or invests in marketing? Of course, it earns a profit and the correct term to define it is a house edge. When players bet on a certain slot, the gamer is informed of a certain percentage. That is RTP, and it normally ranges between 92% and 97%.

Take, for instance, the RTP gambling number of 97%. It implies a payout percentage of 97% and a 3% loss. This 3% explains the house edge that pays for the casino expenses. The rest 97% goes back to players as returns when they bet $100 on an online slot.

Here, as you can check, RTP is the payout percentage that a player is rewarded with when the person wins a game. It denotes the likelihood of acing a slot based on previous wins. It’s a probability based on which a gambler decides whether to proceed with the title. Amidst a high-risk gambling environment, it allows the individual to take calculated risks.

Learn to Calculate RTP

It’s simple! It involves dividing the amount won by players on a particular casino game by the total amount gambled by them. Surprisingly enough, you will realize the figure depends not on the history of that gaming title but replication of computer algorithms.

Sadly, calculating the return percentages of a few games can be challenging. Consider, for instance, table games like baccarat, poker, roulette, craps, blackjack and video poker. Here, the RTP is entirely dependent on the betting strategies of gamers.

If you are looking to play games offering the best RTPs, be clear about what ‘best’ defines here. The ideal return percentage varies from one game type to another:

Casino Game TypeIdeal RTP Percentage
Classic Blackjack99.40%
European Roulette97.30%
American Roulette94.74%
Online Slot93% – 99%

Now that you have learned how to calculate the RTP of a casino game, won’t you like to hear about the benefits you have unlocked? Gradually, you will understand how to make better decisions while selecting games. Ultimately, you will end up increasing your chances of a win. Usually, sites that promise high chances of hitting jackpots have a score over 94%. The more you play on them, the higher your chances of a win.

Does this imply avoiding an online slot with a low RTP is the way forward? Of course not, this is not what we mean, but amateur players should bet on games with a high return percentage. Volatility may or may not be more, but in case it is high, victory will likely overshadow precariousness. However, if it’s not, players shall enjoy more winnings.

RTP Considerations Before Playing

The best practice for gamblers when betting at online casino sites is to review the RTP percentage. It is easily available on the regulations page of gaming sites. As discussed, the wisest thing to do is play slots with over 94% RTP as they offer higher chances of obtaining a generous payout.

For a beginner, experts always advise choosing an online slot with a high probability. As you play and gain experience, you may get your hands dirty and take more risks than usual.

On the contrary, experienced punters must strategize by taking information on algorithm development and then compete in a game. Leaving everything to luck is not how things must roll. Many may be unaware that an RTP lowers the risk of reckless gaming. Checking the return percentage always urges the punter to spend money wisely and not get engulfed in gambling addiction.

Wrapping Up

The joy of victory comes to those who understand the RTP of casino games better. Without the knowledge, chances of winning significantly shrink and often end up in reckless gambling. Ready to try out whatever little you have learned today? Head over to ICE casino, and we are sure you will have an amazing experience betting on slots and table games with favourable return percentages.


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