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What Does Jim Harbaugh Need To Accomplish For Job Security?

Written by Robert McCarver

With the college football season kicking off this week it’s time to look at one of the biggest media-loved coaches in all of sports Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh has been the Head Coach of the Michigan Wolverines since 2015 and he hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. For Michigan fans and University, their biggest games of the year are against Michigan State and Ohio State and for some reason, Harbaugh can’t quite get the job done against those two teams.

Harbaugh has a record of 0-5 against Ohio State and 3-3 against Michigan State over his tenure as Michigan Head Coach. Let’s first dissect the Michigan State record, he has done fairly decent against the Spartans with a 3-3 record, however, for a school and a fan base that likes to call Michigan State “little brother” a 3-3 record isn’t going to cut it. You need to embarrass your “little brother” year in and year out and Harbaugh hasn’t but he has fared better than his predecessors.

While Harbaugh is respectable against Michigan State he is flat out a dumpster fire against Ohio State with his 0-5 record. Under Harbaugh, Michigan has been outscored against Ohio State 221-126 over the 5 meetings. It hasn’t been close at all and when your season literally depends on how you do against Ohio State you have to make it competitive and Harbaugh has utterly failed to do so.

Jim Harbaugh was known as the Quarterback guru after his former QB Andrew Luck went onto the NFL after his time at Stanford and then again after Colin Kapernick was the hottest thing in the NFL after Harbaugh made him the started for their Superbowl run in 2012-2013. While at Michigan it has been a revolving door at the QB position and not a single one has gone on to do anything of note in the NFL so the QB “Whisperer” is something that either is gone now or was lucked into with Andrew Luck and Kapernick.

So now the 2021 season is upon us so what does Harbaugh need to do to keep his job beyond this year? You minimum have to go 8-4 with 2 big wins against big ten teams. This is how the Michigan schedule shapes up.

They had a big win against Western Michigan today which Harbaugh desperately needed to prove they have made some upgrades but it’s Western, not a Big Ten school. They face Washington next week which needs to be a close game and a win helps quiet even more critics as Washington isn’t a pushover of a team and a legitimate threat to Michigan.

Now comes the big stretch of the year. Michigan has Wisconsin, Northwestern, and Michigan State in the month of October and there must go 3-0 against those teams. No more excuses for Harbaugh as fans and media are done coming to his aid to ease the pain of another disappointing season. If they are really a new team and can make that leap to be a good team you need to beat those 3 teams because there’s no way you’re beating Ohio State anytime soon.

With the win against Western and wins over MSU, WIS, and NW you bring yourself to 4 wins, and then all you need to do is handle business against the teams that you should be able to beat handidly. It’s time to put up or shut up for Harbaugh who was supposed to be the savior for Michigan when he accepted the job in December of 2014 but he’s just been overhyped, overpaid Head Coach who has turned Michigan into a clown show instead of the pinnacle of college football that they were for a long time.

Do you believe Harbaugh does enough to keep his job after this season? What do you think he needs to do this year to have job security moving forward?

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