What Dirt Does Deion Sanders Have On Travis Hunter?

Written by schultzyca

Credit where credit is due, Deion Sanders flips number two overall college football recruit Travis Hunter who was previously committed too Florida State Sanders alma mater.

Prime Time warned the college football world that this was coming yesterday.

He told everyone on The Pro Football Show yesterday that Jackson State will, “shock the country” and every major news station will be covering it. This moved certainly overshadowed every other signing today and it comes at a shock that a number one recruit in this class would commit to an FCS school.

This move is huge in it of itself but I feel this move was personal for Deion stealing this recruit away for FSU who he begged to be the head coach of their football program and they said no. It had to have been personal and I kind of love it.

With this move being done it has to beg the question, does Jackson State have any dirty on Travis Hunter? Like why would a number one recruit commit to an HBCU, maybe he truly does want to be a pioneer for Historical Black Colleges and that would be extremely cool, but the tin foil hat people would think different.

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