What bells and whistles should you know about betting?

Written by TrevStone

If you know the ropes in betting, feel yourself like a million dollars, have an immaculate gut feeling, then it’s time for a fruitful cooperation with a top-tier bookmaker. It’s a matter of common knowledge then choosing a wrong bookmaker can take a toll on a bettor’s bank. Hence, it’s important to cooperate only with well-respected bookmakers with nice betting odds and lightning-fast payots. Betwinner India is worth your close attention. It’s one of the best betting companies that holds every single bettor accountable. Your money are safe with this bookmaker. 

Let’s break down what ins and outs of betting you can find on your way to a sacred prize.

Match-fixing games

The question is where to get the information. In social networks, the members share exclusive information. For only a few hryvnias you will be offered to find out the score of a future meeting. Under each post, you will find a lot of positive feedback from people who supposedly won a tidy sum. Such sources of information should not be trusted.

It is better to identify the criminal conspiracy yourself. To do this, you will have to trace the anomalies that appear in the quotations of bookmakers’ offices. The fact is that betting companies are forced to react to an increase in the number of bets on one of the outcomes. In this case, they lower the initial odds. The infusion of large funds in one of the lines indicates that the organizers of the match have agreed on its outcome, and want to make a profit from it.

All you have to do is to keep track of the changes in the odds. If the odds of the event began to fall sharply, it means an influx of funds. Following the example of the big players, you can also make a bet to get a small share of the profits.

Bonus programs

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Bookmaker offices need a constant influx of new players. It’s also important for them to keep bettors who regularly bet money in their orbit. To do this, loyalty programs are developed for the regulars of the bookie.

Most often, you become a member of a bonus program automatically as soon as you register on the site. Points are awarded for the bets made. Their amount depends on their type and accepted odds. Usually, bookmakers offer tables for calculating bonus points.

You can use the earned bonuses in different ways:

  • pay for bets (part or all of them);
  • increase the final odds;
  • get discounts on bets.

Using the bonuses is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The terms of the programs are usually very confusing. But it is not worth neglecting the opportunity, which is provided by the bookmaker. It makes sense to understand the table of bonuses and use them as intended.

Betting on different sports

All of the above-mentioned bets are made on different sports. Football and boxing are particularly popular. Slightly fewer opportunities to bet on basketball, volleyball, hockey, and shady encounters. It’s up to you to choose the sport you will play. In any case, you need to be aware of the latest events, and keep track of changes in the standings and changes in the careers of leading professional players.

Live sports betting

Special mention should be made of this type of betting. Ordinary bets are placed long before the start of the game when you have the opportunity to study the tables and materials from various sources. Live bets start to be accepted with the start of the game. When choosing them, you should keep an eye on the rapidly changing odds.

The slightest change in the course of the game can change its outcome. The removal of a player from the field, the assignment of a penalty, or a lucky break in tennis can dramatically affect the possibility of winning. In a small amount of time, you can make a lot of bets.

Paid Strategies

Many people are developing and selling strategies today. Is it worth buying them? Probably not, rather than yes. And there are more than enough logical reasons for such an answer.

  • On the working strategies silent, not trumpeted at every step. They are not sold for peanuts. Having developed and tested the system, a brilliant mathematician would rather use it correctly on his own, than blow it abroad.
  • Accidentally hitting the jackpot the working strategy instantly loses its relevance. Bookmakers immediately study it. The first thing they do is to block the users who apply a successful method. Having carefully studied it, the bettors make changes to their calculations, and the purchased strategy ceases to work.
  • Developing a worthwhile strategy is a troublesome endeavor. To test its success, it is necessary to make more than one thousand bets. Often authors hastily assemble a formula and submit it without testing. This method will not work by definition, although it seems very realistic to make large profits.

Fair enough, the market for selling strategies is flooded with scammers who are not going to sell you anything. Their task is to scam gullible beginners and get away with the money.

After reading the above, do not start thinking that there are no winning strategies. They certainly exist. They are carefully used by professionals. 


As you can there a lot of stumbling blocks in a career of a bettor. The best way out for the beginner is to try to develop your strategy. Train your brain by taking a widely known betting methodology as a basis. Try to study it and improve it. Rome wasn’t buit in a day.


Are there betting ins and outs to pay attention to?

Yes, there are tons of betting aspects a bettor should bear in mind. Without having a grasp of them, you won’t be able to succeed.

How to win money on bets?

You need to play cold-bloodedly, you need to set limits and calculate your bank properly. Do not try to place bets using your entire bank.

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