After Cyril Gane’s impressive outing at UFC 265, a showdown between him and reigning UFC heavyweight champ Francis Ngannou is now inevitable. Those two are clearly the top two heavyweights in the sport right now, and a unification bout between the two of them is sure to be one of the biggest fights of the year, and the betting odds might surprise you. Check this out.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty surprised by this. Francis Ngannou is the underdog! I understand Gane looked great last night, but don’t you think Francis deserves a little more respect after knocking out Stipe Miocic in the first round? Oddsmakers must be pretty horny over Gane after last night, because -130 odds for a guy who just beat up Derrick Lewis seems a bit outlandish to me.

But, all I know is that whatever I decide to bet in this fight, you should bet the opposite. I’ve lost my last 12 wagers, and there’s no sign of that turning around anytime soon. I lean Francis in the unification bout, so I guess that means Gane’s gonna dominate him for 5 rounds and take me for all my money. Just how it goes. So, if you’ve got a few extra dollars laying around feel free to hit @noah-gagnon-2 with a Venmo, because the bookie’s getting a big one from me this week.


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