What are the Basic Rules of Basketball?

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What kind of sport is basketball?

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Basketball is a ball game in which two teams of five players compete for one ball and score points in the ring that the opposing team defends.

Also, because the court is not so large, the speed of attack and defense is very fast, and there are many contact plays between players, so you can not only increase speed (agility) but also strengthen your body (physical) robustly. That is also needed.

Like any other sport, injuries can occur during the game. Injuries can be avoided if the necessary preventative measures are taken. To avoid injury in basketball court you should be careful and follow the rules. 

Basic Rules of Basketball

The ball is handled by hand, and you cannot walk more than three steps with the ball (traveling). You cannot stop dribbling and then dribble the ball once held again (double dribbling). The score is 2 for a normal goal, 1 for a free throw, and 3 for goals from outside the 3-point line.

In addition, in the event of a foul, time-out, free throw, etc., the game time will be stopped and the game will restart as soon as the next play starts.

Player substitution can be performed by each player who has not exited as many times as necessary.

When crossing or jumping over a line in the no-charge semi-circle area and driving toward the goal to pass or shoot, the off-charging foul cannot be taken even if there is physical contact in the semi-circular area under the ring.

This is a rule to prevent a defending player from ambushing under the goal in order to get a charging foul proclaimed.


There are two types of prohibited activities in basketball: fouls and violations.

A foul is a contact between players or an act that is not like a sportsman. Violations are prohibited acts other than fouls. How to handle the ball and things related to time are violations.

If you violate, the ownership of the ball will be transferred to the other team. The opponent team throws in from the side closest to where the violation happened or outside the end line to restart the game.

24-second rule

The team must shoot within 24 seconds of controlling the ball. If you can’t shoot within 24 seconds or if the ball on the shot doesn’t touch the ring, it becomes a violation (unrecorded foul) and becomes the ball of the opponent team.

8 second rule

The offense (attacking side) must carry the ball from the back court (own team goal) to the front court (opposite team goal) within 8 seconds.

5 second rule

Offense must throw in within 5 seconds. Also, the player with the ball must not hold it for more than 5 seconds without passing or dribbling. During a free throw, you must shoot within 5 seconds of receiving the ball from the referee.

3 second rule

Image of 3 second rule Offense cannot stay longer than 3 seconds in a row within the restricted area of ​​the opposing team while controlling the ball on the front court (goal of the opposing team).

Double dribble

It means to dribble again after finishing dribbling.


If you walk 3 or more steps with the ball (without using the dribble), you will be traveling.

In addition, even if you do not intend to walk, you will be able to travel even if the axis moves or shifts during pivoting.

Kick ball

To kick the ball with your foot or stop it with your foot.

Out of bounds

The ball goes out of the court and hits the back of a backboard or a pillar. Play is interrupted when out of bounds and the game resumes with a throw-in from outside the side or end line.

About timeout

You can take the operation time as a timeout, twice in the first and second periods of the first half, three times in the third and fourth periods of the second half, and once in each extension period.

About Foul

There are various fouls, but if one player fouls five times per game, he will be sent off.

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