We’ve Seen Enough Chet Holmgren is Your 1st Pick In The 2022 NBA Draft #NBA

Written by schultzyca

I mean a 7 footer who has point guard handles, can shoot the lights out, blocks every shot, and has a great name? What more can you ask for?

Gonzaga freshman Chet Holmgren should be the first pick in this years NBA Draft and it should not be close. Yes I get that he weighs probably 125 pounds but this guy can do it all.

A guy with his frame and makeup shouldn’t be doing nearly half the stuff we have seen tonight. Also by the way the Zagas look like they should repeat this season and win back-to-back national championships.

This dude will have the nations attention all year because he can flat out ball, he makes an impact on both ends of the court and is just a sight to see. It is like he is not even real because of what he can do for someone his height.

The question that NBA scouts will have to ask themselves and maybe even Chet himself, is does he have a willingness and capability to gain weight? If he can put on around 50 or so pounds this dude will be even more unreal.

I think without a question he is the best player in college basketball right now and unless there is a crazy prospect overseas that we have not heard of yet, Holmgren should the number one pick in this years draft without question.

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