We’ve Officially Been Bought By Deadspin

I never thought I would type this. Never in a million years. You might have seen my blog last night about how“I’m Mad” basically because of money issues, and well not even 12 hours later we’ve sold out. Deadspin reached out to me last night/this morning around 2AM after reading the blog and came up with an offer that I couldn’t resist.

Legally… I can’t give out any information about the deal till after April 1st. But let’s just say that I’m not going anywhere and either is anyone who is affiliated with ProSportsExtra. But I can’t wait work in the same office Drew Magary, the guy who I told “you suck” to in a blog last month. Honestly, I wouldn’t doubt if him and I ended up battling 1v1 at our new HQ.

I got off of the phone around 6:30 this morning with The Gizmodo Media Group, who owns Deadspin and finished up just about everything on the legal side. And am excited to say we have officially sold. But like I stated earlier number can’t be released till after April 1st. But it is around an amount that I could retire on. But instead I’m sticking around and going to remain here with a less of a role. It’ll give me more time and money than I’ve had my entire life.

Plus like I said, Drew Magary and myself in the office? YES!

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I would like to take this time to thank the hundreds of bloggers who’ve came in over the course of ProSportsExtra. I created MNNN Sports at the age of 12 years old in my grandmas basement, I moved it over to ProSportsExtra at 13 years old and the rest… it’s history. From the countless interviews, from doing podcasts before they were podcasts, and from attending awesome events. Also thanks mom and dad. The past of ProSportsExtra will always remain. But the future? That’s what is shining bright.

Our content will remain on here, and updated. The only thing different? We have money now. Deadspin is trying to rebuild their fanbase and is doing south while we are going north… Well the best way to change that for them? Bring in us, the young gun’s over at ProSportsExtra. And that’s what they’re doing.

We’re going to be blasting content 24/7 and won’t have to worry about money issues anymore, that’s all Deadspin. They don’t have any money issues. I mean look, the office has so much room for us. Look at this fun environment they’re in. Maybe if they had a couple of shots and a doobie they’d lighten up. And that’s what we’re going to push okay, Drew?

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Huge shoutout to my boy Jacob for the idea on this April Fool’s joke. Gottem. I’m still broke, and PSE isn’t going anywhere. Plus, Deadspin probably couldn’t even afford us. And that’s saying something. Because we’re cheap. Barstool on the other hand, sup?

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