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West Vancouver Police Department to Investigate Tire Marks in Roadway as Hate Crime

Written by joe.breaux

Investigators with the West Vancouver Police Department need your help locating an individual driving a black Mustang who left a set of tire mark at a crosswalk at the intersection of 16th St and Esquimalt Ave.

No, this individual wasn’t involved in a hit and run, or a serious traffic accident. According to police he intentionally accelerated and left marks across a crosswalk that was specially painted to celebrate Pride.

Yes folks, you read that right. The police are investigating someone for leaving tire marks on a public highway. And they are asked the public for help identifying this person. You should go check out the comment section of their official Twitter page. People are certainly expressing their opinions.

I can only assume the crime rate in West Vancouver is zero which allows the police the ability to focus their investigative efforts on individuals who would “vandalize” a highway with rubber tire marks.

I reached out to the West Vancouver Police Department for a comment as well as an official request for their calls for service logs for the past 7 days. My requests appear to have been ignored.

Be proud of your elected officials Canada

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