2022 was supposed to be a new beginning. While the name Commanders was not a favorite among many, as time has gone on from the initial announcement in early February, fans have embraced the name. But more importantly, the Washington DC fan base had embraced change.

There was suddenly excitement about next steps. Rumblings of signing a big name quarterback like Aaron Rodgers. Even though most of us knew that was pipe dream, there was a still a chance. There was an even more realistic chance of signing Russell Wilson, until just days ago it was announced the Seahawks turned down the trade offer from Washington. Of course, we all know now he was traded to the Denver Broncos, just hours after Aaron Rodgers signed a new 4 year deal with Green Bay.

There was still Jimmy Garoppolo available. And of course, there are several different candidates in the upcoming NFL draft. While the upcoming class is not as quarterback heavy as 2021, there could certainly be a few diamonds in the rough.

Instead, the Commanders decided to sign Carson Wentz. The guy who couldn’t even last a year in Indianapolis.


Mark Brunell. Donovan McNabb. Rex Grossman. Alex Smith. Mark Sanchez. Case Keenum. Ryan Fitzpatrick.

These are just a few of the tired retreads that Washington has hired under the leadership of team owner Daniel Snyder. Each and every one of these washed up quarterbacks saw little to no success during their time in Washington. For whatever reason, Washington likes to find damaged goods, try to repair them, and hope they can eek out a winning season, but would settle historically for a 7-9 or 8-8 year end. But more often that not, these retreads would end in catastrophe and for whatever reason Snyder would rinse and repeat year after year.

With that said, Snyder has made a few attempts at signing rookie quarterback prospects in the likes of Jason Campbell, Robert Griffin III, Dwayne Haskins, and to a lesser extent at the time he was drafted, Kirk Cousins. Ironically enough, Cousins had more success than any of the above mentioned quarterbacks.

While these options did not work out, the fanbase would absolutely get behind a newly signed draft pick rather than our divisional rival’s sloppy seconds. The fans were clamoring to give Jason Campbell a shot. Fans were rabid for the debut of RG3 and he absolutely delivered in year one. Even as recently as two years ago, we were all excited for the prospect of Dwayne Haskins finally being “the guy.”

The bottom line is this. With all of the newly imposed change, Daniel Snyder has once again let down his fanbase. No offense to Carson Wentz, but the likelihood of him leading any NFL team on a serious run through the playoffs is unlikely. He didn’t work out in Philadelphia. Indianapolis gave him one year before cutting him loose, and somehow, Snyder feels that Wentz will somehow be a good fit in Washington. Quite honestly, I would rather give Taylor Heinicke another shot at the helm before letting Carson Wentz steer the ship.

What’s even more bothersome than signing Wentz is what Washington gave up to land him.

I understand Washington had to give up something. But is Carson Wentz really worth a 3rd and potentially 2nd round pick next year? As of right now, the two teams traded their 2nd round picks for the 2022 draft. Indy is guaranteed a 3rd round pick in 2022 as well as a 3rd in 2023, but if Wentz plays 70 percent of the plays this upcoming season, that 3rd round pick in 2023 becomes a 2nd round pick.

Fantastic. So even if Wentz plays 70 percent of the plays terribly this upcoming season, we still lose a second round pick in 2023?

Again, I understand that draft picks are a huge bargaining chip when making a trade of this magnitude. But when your whole philosophy is to hit the reset button and start fresh, giving away high draft picks over the course of the next two drafts and using them to sign a quarterback with a total win/loss record of 44-40–1, that does not exactly sound like the best way to build upon your newly reinvigorated team. It sounds like the same old story of Dan Snyder trying to sign a talent with name value, even if that value has since dwindled in recent years, just to make a splash in the headlines.

I love this team. I will always love this team. Even with their terrible name change. Even with their stubborn owner who never seems to learn from his mistakes. Even after countless disappointing seasons over the past 30 years.

I’m just at a point now where I have to laugh and accept the fact that some things never change.

Who knows. Maybe we’ll get lucky and this guy in the video below will show up for us in 2022. The guy that once gave the Philadelphia Eagles long term hope. The guy that led the Eagles to the playoffs, only to have his understudy in Nick Foles actually deliver Philadelphia’s first Super Bowl while Wentz sat on the sideline injured.

Fingers crossed Commanders fans. It’s going to be an interesting 2022. Hopefully Commander Carson will be our savior.


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