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Well, That Was a Real Kick in the Ass

Written by tRy25

Embarrassing. Absolutely embarrassing. At home, hosting the 4-11 Miami Dolphins, with Ryan Fitzpatrick (he went to Harvard, not sure if you heard) at QB, in a must win to secure the 2nd seed and a bye in the playoffs, and that’s what we get?

After it looked like Tom Brady and the offense turned the corner against Buffalo last week, it was more of the same this week. Lots of empty possessions, wide receivers unable to create space, Tom chucking the ball all over the field, a fucking pick 6. The running game looked okay at times but none of it was good enough.

I think I still have steam coming out of my ears from the way the coaching staff handled the end of the first half. You have basically 1:50 on the clock with all 3 timeouts and the Dolphins punting away from their own 20. Not only do you not use a timeout to stop the clock, you come out with this dogshit response after the game

Oh we would have, huh? On a draw play up the middle, a play that hasn’t been effective for this team in YEARS, we were supposed to gain 10+ yards and THEN we were going to try and march 65 yards in under 50 seconds to score? Give me a break.

The defense wasn’t much better. At times they looked pedestrian. Jonathan Jones had another rough game. Stephon Gilmore looked human. The line didn’t get a whole bunch of pressure. It felt like this defense walked out there today with the mentality that they’re the Patriots and they’re playing the Dolphins and that would be enough. It wasn’t.

Here’s the silver lining; Tom Brady hasn’t done shit in a postseason when he’s had to play in a wild card game. Yes, I think that’s a good thing. A quarterback with MVP’s, 6 rings, second in touchdowns all time, seemingly has nothing to rove, right? Well we all know how good the Patriots are at cooking up their own motivation. I’m depending on my QB to go on a tear because everyone in the country will tell this team they can’t win without that bye week.

I’ve never had any reason to doubt this coach, this quarterback, this team at any point in the season. This loss sucks, but I’m not about to start doubting them now. Let’s go win a Wild Card game.

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