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Well Of Course The Vikings Won Last Night…

Written by mrbillylocks

On Monday Night Football last night, I decided not to bet because it’s the Vikings vs Bears. Both teams are pretty bad and I could not bring myself to put money on either of them.

Unfortunately, though, I didn’t see this tweet until this morning! (Don’t ask how I didn’t see it, I now see that it was ALL OVER Twitter last night)

If I saw this prior to the game, I definitely would have HAMMERED Vikings -3 and probably Thielen to score a TD. Vikings covered AND Thielen scored two TDs, because duhh.. LOOK AT THOSE CLEATS.

These cleats single handedly cured Kirk Cousins’ 0-9 straight up and against the spread on MNF. Ok, maybe it’s because he played against the Bears, but still…

Nevertheless, these are one of the coolest designed cleats I’ve seen in the NFL. Players are doing this more often now and these are at the top. Props to Adam Thielen.

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