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Weird Object Seen In Las Vegas Sky! UFO?

Written by TrevStone

When you look into the sky – how often do you say that you want to see something wild? I know living in Michigan in the Upper Peninsula when I look up at night? It gets me freaked out at times because I start thinking of everything up there. I mean normally it is just stars but sometimes? I feel like I see other things.

One of my favorite places to travel? Is Las Vegas. Ever since I was 18 years old it became my place to go. Although lately there have been tons of posts regarding possibly UFOs and things in the sky that people cannot explain. And well when you’re in the city that never sleeps? It’s obviously even more spooky!

Recently actress Lindsay Maxwell and her husband businessman Eric Grzybowski who is also a Pharaoh shared videos of the sky in Vegas and it is somewhat freaky.

You can view the post on her Instagram story! Click here.

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