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Wednesday Night War Results (2/19/20) | #AEW #WWENXT

Written by Colby Faria

The February 19th edition of the Wednesday Night War has come & gone. As always both shows had stacked cards with great moments & promos mixed in throughout.

Let’s review each show…

NXT Results

Segment 1 – Adam Cole comes down to the ring, being flanked by the rest of The Undisputed Era. He grabs a mic & tells everyone that he told them so & last Sunday at NXT TakeOver: Portland, he proved that he’s the best NXT Champion of all-time. He says that The Undisputed Era has once again proved that their the standard setters in all of NXT & Roderick Strong will once again prove that true, later tonight against Velveteen Dream. The lights briefly go out & Velveteen Dream’s voice is heard & he says that Strong needs to come to the ring himself, tonight & prove to his wife, Marina, that he’s a true man. Strong grabs the mic & says tonight, he’s going to make Dream wish he’d never would have comeback a few weeks ago.

Segment 2 – NXT Cruiserweight Championship – Jordan Devlin (C) vs Lio Rush. The pair have a back and forth for the first couple of minutes. Rush counters with a roundhouse kick but Devlin also counters and goes to the floor to gather himself. Devlin, on his feet, looks shocked as Rush stares him down from the ring. Devlin knocks Rush back with a big kick. Devlin keeps Rush down and works him around the ring, into the corner to bully him with forearms. Rush gets up and fires back with forearms of his own. Devlin with a Uranage and a standing moonsault but Rush gets his knees up. They tangle some more and Devlin hits a German suplex for a close 2-count. Devlin drops Rush with a knee to the midsection for another 2-count. Devlin climbs up with Rush. Rush ends up hitting an inverted hurricanrana and then “The Come Up” but Devlin somehow gets his foot on the bottom rope and no one can believe it. Rush goes for The Final Hour but it’s blocked. Devlin comes back and lands a headbutt. Devlin grabs Rush and hits “The Devil Inside” for the victory & retains his title.

Segment 3 – Jon Quasto interviews Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez, backstage about Raquel’s involvement in Kai’s Street Fight against Tegan Nox, last Sunday. Raquel says she knows what it feels like to see your friend always get the oppotunity instead of you as Kai has seen with Nox. NXT General Manager, William Regal comes into the frame as her congratulates Kai on her victory over Nox, this past Sunday. Regal then adds that Raquel won’t be able to help her in 2 weeks time when Kai faces Nox inside of a steel cage.

Segment 4 – Austin Theory comes to the ring for a match but is interrupted by Tommaso Ciampa who cuts a promo on Johnny Gargano saying his life in NXT won’t be fulfilled until Johnny Gargano is no longer in NXT. Theory tries to attack Ciampa but gets viciously assaulted on the outside of the ring & entrance ramp as Ciampa heads to the back.

Segment 5 – Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde vs Grizzled Young Vets. The Grizzled Young Vets get the quick win after some nice back & forth between the two teams & the pair hit the “Ticket to Mayhem”.

Segment 6 – The new NXT Tag-Team Champions, Broserweights come out to hype up their victory, this past Sunday over The Undisputed Era to capture the tag-team titles & crack a few jokes before Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan interrupt & this non-title match begins. The Broserweights win after the pair hit a Bitter End combo for the pinfall. After the match, backstage, The Forgotten Sons call-out The Grizzled Young Vets.

Segment 7 – Keith Lee vs Kona Reeves. Keith Lee wins a quick squash match over Reeves after hitting the “Big-Bang Catastrophe” for the win. After the match, Dominik Dijakovic comes out to the ring & asks for a rematch. Lee says if William Regal books it, he’s always up for a challenge.

Segment 8 – Chelsea Green vs Kayden Carter. Robert Stone comes out to introduce Green & says that the Robert Stone brand is officially having their re-launch. Bianca Belair comes out to the ring in middle of the match & says she’s going to whoop Charlotte Flair’s ass. Belair leaves & Green picks up the victory over Carter after hitting her with the “Unprettier”. After the match, Chelsea Green & Robert Stone celebrate.

Segment 9 – Velveteen Dream vs Roderick Strong. Dream starts taunting Strong as they come to blows early & often. This one is hard-hitting & nasty throughout. Dream has Strong down & heads up to the top rope as he removes his pants to reveal tights with Strong’s wife on the front & back. The Undisputed Era runs down to the ring & Dream jumps on all of them outside the ring. Dream heads back in the ring & Strong goes for the pin, Dream kicks out, hits Strong with the Dream Valley Driver & pins Strong for the win. After the match, The Undisputed Era attacks & stand tall over Dream as the show goes off the air.

AEW Dynamite Results

Segment 1 – # 1 Contender 10-team Tag-Team Battle Royal – Young Bucks vs Santana & Ortiz vs So Cal Uncensored vs Hybrid 2 vs Private Party vs Alex Reynolds & John Silver vs Best Friends vs Stronghearts vs Jurassic Express vs The Butcher & The Blade. The match begins as every team rushes to the ring from the outside except for Santana, Ortiz, Reynolds & Silver who all stand by ringside to watch the action with no rush to join in. Scorpio Sky & Kazarian head up to the corner & come flying down on nearly every competitor. Jack Evans then one-ups SCU & does a flip onto most of the field, however, a few of the guys catch Evans mid-air & toss him over the top rope for the first elimination of the evening. However, teams aren’t officially eliminated until both men have been tossed over the top rope & both feet have touched the floor below. T Hawk is then eliminated by Private Party as Reynolds & Silver finally join the fray as they attack SCU. The Dark Order come to ringside & announce that the “Exalted One” is near as members of the group eliminate SCU as the pair was distracted. The Young Bucks follow up by eliminating Reynolds & Silver. Santana & Ortiz finally join the match & attack Cima. Cima who’s now on the apron is knocked out by Luchasaurus & eliminated. The Bunny distracts Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy as Butcher & Blade eliminate Jungle Boy.. Cima is handed a Dark Order mask & is seemingly thinking about putting it on before running off through the crowd. Nick Jackson gets eliminated by Butcher as Santana eliminates Quen of Private Party & then Quen’s partner, Kassidy is then eliminated by Santana & Ortiz. Luchasaurus eliminates Angelico. All of the remaining heels decide to gang up on Luchasaurus as they’re able to eliminate him. Butcher & Blade, Best Friends, Santana & Ortiz & one half of The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson) remain. Chuck gets tossed out of the ring as he & Trent go for a hug, Orange Cassidy saves Trent from falling out of the ring. Trent & Matt Jackson double-dropkick Butcher before he hits the pair with a double clothesline. Orange Cassidy then gets hit with a low-blow by The Bunny as Butcher knocks Trent off of the apron for the elimination. Butcher is still groggy on the apron from the back & forth with Trent & Matt Jackson knocks him off the apron with a spear. Down to Jackson against the team of Santana & Ortiz. Jackson gets Ortiz on the apron as Guevara trips him up before he’s able to knock Ortiz off the apron. Jackson gets up & hits a superkick on Ortiz for the elimination. Guevara tries to springboard into the ring to assist & he’s knocked out with a vicious superkick from Jackson. Jackson hits Santana with a clothesline out of the ring for the victory. The Young Bucks are # 1 contenders for the AEW Tag Team Championships at AEW Revolution on February 29th.

Segment 2 – Kris Statlander vs Shanna. Britt Baker is on commentary for this one. We get a little back & forth before Shanna hits a double stomp on Statlander for a close 2-count. Statlander counters with the “Big-Bang Theory” for the pinfall victory.

Segment 3 – Tony Schiavone is on the stage to interview the new AEW Women’s Champion, Nyla Rose. Rose calls the crowd disrespectful for not cheering for her, then says she’ll only be a 1-time AEW Women’s Champion because she’ll never lose the title & nobody is the beast that she is. Kris Statlander & Big Swole both come out to confront the champion & Rose heads to the back after a couple of seconds of bickering.

Segment 4 – Jon Moxley vs Jeff Cobb. Before the bell rings, Le Champion, Chris Jericho is shown making his way to the front-row with Sammy Guevara & Jake Hager as they have “purchased tickets” for tonight’s show. Taz has joined Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone on commentary for this match. The match begins as Cobb is in control for most of this one…Moxley mixes in some nice submission attempts & quirky offense to stay in the match. Cobb goes for & misses his “Tour of The Islands” finisher as Moxley counters with a lariat. The pair trade some hard shots as Cobb hits Moxley with a suplex but Moxley rolls him up for the win. After that match, Jericho & The Inner Circle attack Moxley before Dustin Rhodes comes to his aid…the heels get the better of him before the lights go out & out comes the returning Darby Allin who attacks Guevara & Hager with his skateboard as Rhodes knocks Hager out of the ring. The only 2 left in the ring are the AEW World Champion, Chris Jericho & his challenger in 10 days time, Jon Moxley…the pair trade shots as Jericho escapes the ring, clinging onto his AEW World Title & heads to the back.

Segment 5 – AEW World Tag Team Championships – Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (C) vs Lucha Bros. Hangman & Rey Fenix start the match. Page hits Fenix with a big boot and tags in Omega. The champions hit some tag-team offense on the challengers & Omega hits Pentagon with a tornado DDT. Pentagon hits a beautifully executed Canadian Destroyer on Omega. Page hits a moonsault on Pentagon from the top rope. Fenix then hits a missile dropkick on Omega. Some more terrific back & forth as the crowd gets wildly into it & the champions hit a buckshot lariat/v-trigger combo for the pinfall victory to retain their titles. After the break a graphic shows that it will officially be Kenna Omega & Hangman Page defending their AEW Tag Team Championships February 29th at AEW Revolution against The Young Bucks who won the 10-team Tag-Team Battle Royal, earlier in the night.

Segment 6 – Steel Cage Match – Cody (with Arn Anderson & Brandi) vs Wardlow (with MJF). Wardlow has some brutal offense on Cody to start & continues for the next few minutes. There’s a few fun spots in this one as Cody gets busted open early after being thrown into the cage by Wardlow. Arn Anderson hits MJF with the cage door, Brandi slaps MJF & Arn Anderson throws him over the barricade as MJF was about to retaliate on Brandi. Back in the ring, Cody hits a “Cross-Rhodes” on Wardlow, but Wardlow kicks out at 2. Cody then removes his belt, climbs up to the top of the structure & hits a moonsault for the pinfall victory. Brandi heads into the ring to celebrate with her husband & then Cody climbs to the top of the cage to celebrate as the show goes off the air.

It was another solid night of action for the 8th Wednesday Night War of 2020. As usual it was the best night of Pro Wrestling of the week & certainly did not disappoint.

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