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Wednesday Night War Results (2/12/20)

Written by Colby Faria

The February 12th edition of the Wednesday Night War has come & gone. As always, both shows had stacked cards with great moments & promos mixed in throughout.

Let’s review each show…

NXT Results

Segment 1 – Roderick Strong comes storming out to the ring & says he will “badly hurt” Velveteen Dream for bringing his wife & kids into their rivalry…before he could finish another sentence, out comes Bronson Reed who has a mic & says that Dream isn’t the only problem that Strong has & Strong will pay for attacking him backstage, last week…the brawl begins before the referee can separate both men & ring the bell to officially begin the match. After a terrific hard-hitting back & forth affair that lasted about 15 minutes, Roderick Strong picks up the win with a flying knee that lands after Reed tries to jump off of the top rope. After the match, Velveteen Dream shows up on the big-screen & starts making comments about Strong’s wife, NXT superstar, Marina Shafir & says if something were to happen to Strong, somebody would make sure his wife’s “dreams” would come true.

Segment 2 – Angel Garza is shown backstage being interviewed by Cathy Kelley about his upcoming match against Lio Rush when Rush interrupts & reminds Garza that he won’t be facing the same version of Lio Rush that he took the NXT Cruiserweight Title from a couple of months ago.

Segment 3 – Candice LeRae vs Dakota Kai. Kai comes out very aggressive before LeRae counters with a couple of punches, knocking Kai out of the ring then hits a Tope-Suicida. Some back & forth happens before LeRae takes control for most of the match. then out of nowhere, Kai rolls up LeRae for the win. After the match, LeRae stalks Kai outside of the ring before Kai counters, grabs the ring bell & blasts LeRae in the ribs with the weapon…as Kai loads up for another hit, Tegan Nox comes out of the crowd & lays Kai out with a flurry of punches as security separates the two as they’re just 4 days away from their Street Fight at NXT TakeOver: Portland.

Segment 4 – Johnny Gargano vs Cameron Grimes. The crowd is extremely hot for this one as a fun back & forth breaks out before a couple of counter-submissions as the pair show off some terrific mat wrestling as this one spills to the outside of the ring before we head to commercial. As it comes back from the break, Gargano hits a couple of suplexes as Grimes slips out of the ring to gather himself. Gargano throws Grimes back in as he works in some more offense with a couple of close pinfalls before hitting the “Garga-No Escape” to make Grimes tap out for the win. After the match, Gargano looks @ the camera & says a few words about his PPV opponent, Finn Balor.

Segment 5 – NXT Champion Adam Cole is being interviewed backstage by Cathy Kelley with Roderick Strong also in the picture looking visibly upset about Velveteen Dream’s earlier comments. Cole says he will teach Kushida a lesson, later tonight before showing Tommaso Ciampa an even more important lesson, this Sunday at NXT TakeOver.

Segment 6 – A video package is shown of the “Broserweights” aboard a boat with their Dusty Classic trophy trying to figure out how to get the trophy to Portland in time for the upcoming NXT TakeOver PPV, this Sunday.

Segment 7 – Lio Rush vs Angel Garza, # 1 Contender’s Match for The NXT Cruiserweight Championship. The match begins with Garza doing his famous removal of his pants & Rush tries pounce on Garza, early on. After some flashy back & forth, Rush hits a big suicide dive & follows up with a nearly missed senton to Garza, below. Rush gets Garza back into the ring & quickly hits a super crusher but Garza rolls out of the ring before Rush can attempt the pin. Rush keeps the momentum by hitting Garza with the “Final Hour” at ringside. Rush throws Garza back into the ring & tries to land another “Final Hour” but this time, Garza gets his knees up, quickly goes for the pin but Rush stays alive & gets his shoulders up after a 2-count. Garza hits a super kick then goes for the “Wing Clipper” but Rush rolls him up for the 3-count & Lio Rush is the # 1 contender. After the match, NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin interrupts Rush’s celebration & tells Rush that their title match, will take place, next Wednesday.

Segment 8 – A video package hyping up the NXT North American Championship Match between Champion, Keith Lee & challenger, Dominik Dijakovic, this Sunday is shown.

Segment 9 – Bianca Belair vs Santana Garrett. Belair immediately jumps on Garrett with punches & kicks, then hits a springboard elbow moonsault, a “Glam Slam” & finally ends it with the “KOD” for the pinfall.

Segment 10 – Another video is shown of the Broserweights & their quest to get their Dusty Classic Trophy to Portland which they sneak into the luggage part of a private plane which we later on find out belong to Triple H. The pair & the trophy are now stuck in the luggage area of Triple H’s private plane.

Segment 11 – Tommaso Ciampa cuts a backstage promo on Adam Cole ahead of their title match, this Sunday. Ciampa looks extremely intense & talks about causing serious harm to Cole.

Segment 12 – Adam Cole vs Kushida. As soon as the match begins, the pair shows off some great grappling before Kushida breaks loose & dropkicks Cole out of the ring. Cole counters & tosses Kushida into the barricade before Kushida makes a counter of his own & traps Cole into an armbar on the floor. Kushida breaks his own hold & tosses Cole back into the ring & continues to work on the arm of Cole. The pair trades a few nice kicks then Cole blasts Kushida, knocking him outside of the ring. We have some nice back & forth as this match begins to get more intense by the second. Cole attempts & misses the “Last Shot” but rolls up Kushida who just gets his shoulder up befire the 3-count. Kushida then counters a Panama Sunrise attempt from Cole with a Hoverboard lock that Cole eventually breaks out of & the two trade a couple of pin-attempts. Kushida goes for a handspring but Cole smashes him with a superkick that puts Kushida down for a close 3-count. Cole immediately goes for the Last Shot & this time, nails it for the win. After the match, Tommaso Ciampa comes down to the ring & confronts Adam Cole in the middle of the ring as the show goes of the air.

AEW Dynamite Results

Segment 1 – AEW Tag Team Title Match, Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (C) vs So Cal Uncensored (Kazarian & Scorpio Sky). Before the match begins, The Dark Order appears on the big-screen & says “The Dark Order are much closer then you may think.” The bell rings & the match is underway. Omega & Sky trade some kicks to start things off, Omega & Page showoff some nice teamwork & double-team offense before Kazarian gets in some offense of his own to change the momentum. Kazarian & Sky make a couple of tags & are in control of the balance of this match before Omega breaks up a double submission that’s being applied to Page. Page recovers & goes for a buckshot lariat but changes up mid-move & instead lands a powerbomb. A V-Trigger and buckshot lariat combo enables the champions to retain their titles. After the match, The Dark Order, Best Friends, The Butcher & The Blade, TH2 & The Young Bucks all come out to the ring & everyone starts to brawl ahead of the #1 contender’s tag-team battle royal, next week.

Segment 2 – A video package for Darby Allin is shown as Allin challenges Sammy Guevara to a match at AEW Revolution.

Segment 3 – Sammy Guevara vs Dustin Rhodes. Guevara escapes the ring as the match begins & talks strategy with Jake Hager. Guevara comes back into the ring & gets laid out by Rhodes for a quick 2-count. Guevara rolls right back out of the ring & starts to head down the ramp towards the back but before he gets too far, Rhodes pounds right back on him. The pair are back in the ring as Hager heckles the referee, from the outside as Guevara gets countered before he can make a move from the top rope. Rhodes hits a Canadian destroyer off the middle rope & follows up with a twisted suplex for the win. After the match, Rhodes calls Hager, “Jericho’s Bitch” before challenging him to a match at AEW Revolution. Hager doesn’t respond & walks to the back.

Segment 4 – Britt Baker is interviewed on stage by Tony Schiavone & starts roasting the crowd & says Riho & Nyla Rose don’t compare to her before heading to the back.

Segment 5 – AEW Women’s Championship, Riho (C) vs Nyla Rose. Riho goes right at Rose before getting tossed into the corner. Rose dominates most of the match while Riho kicks out of a few close pinfall attempts. Rose finally hits a sitdown powerbomb for the victory. We have a new AEW Women’s Champion.

Segment 6 – The AEW World Champion, Chris Jericho is being interviewed by Lexy. Jericho calls Jon Moxley trash before a vignette hyping Jeff Cobb’s debut is shown.

Segment 7 – MJF vs Jungle Boy. Brandi Rhodes joins commentary for the match to talk about her husband, Cody Rhodes’ upcoming Steel-Cage match against Wardlow, next week on Dynamite. The match begins with some back & forth before Jungle Boy lays out MJF & gets a quick 2-count. MJF taunts Brandi as Jungle Boy hits a powerbomb on the distracted MJF for a near-fall. MJF plants a cheapshot with his ring on Jungle Boy, hits a cross-rhodes for the win. After the match, Wardlow hits Jungle Boy with an F5 before Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt run Wardlow & MJF out of the ring.

Segment 8 – A video package of PAC cutting a promo on Kenny Omega is shown. PAC says he’s the cause of all of Omega’s problems and hypes their 30-minute Iron-Man match in 2 weeks.

Segment 9 – Jon Moxley vs Santana. Before the match, Chris Jericho & the rest of The Inner Circle are shown heading to their private suite. This match starts with a bang as Moxley & Santana start brawling pretty aggressively. The fight goes in & out of the ring several times, Ortiz tries to hit Moxley with a loaded sock but the referee catches him as Santana accidentally knocks him off of the apron. Ortiz spits a drink in Moxley’s face as the referee checks on Santana. Santana hits a frog splash & gets a quick 2-count as Moxley just kicks out. Moxley hits a paradigm-shift for the win. After the match, The Inner Circle makes their way to the ring & all start to beat up Moxley. Jericho hits Moxley with the Judas effect as Jeff Cobb makes his way to the ring & hits the “Tour of The Island” & stands over Moxley as the show goes off the air.

That wraps up another solid night of the Wednesday Night Wars. It’ll be interesting to see who wins the ratings battle as NXT heads into the weekend of their big NXT TakeOver: Portland PPV, this Sunday.

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