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We Would Have Ruined Trevor Lawrence Anyway, It Is Better This Way

Written by Tony

As a fan of the New York Jets for going on 20+ years, we all knew this wasn’t going to happen. Even after we dropped into a new level of ineptitude, with the Jaguars creeping at only 1 loss, it was inevitable that it wouldn’t happen. We can’t be good and dominate the league, the football Gods would never have allowed such a thing.

Trevor Lawrence has been the prince that was promised from the day he stepped foot on Clemson’s campus. With long flowing hair and the perfect androgynous look for modern day PC culture, he had no flaws. Tall as the winter’s days are long, and an arm that was seemingly crafted on Mount Olympus, he has been the #1 pick for going on three years now. It is a matter of when he declares, not if he will go first overall. Trevor is joining the storied history of hype that precedes him only by Andrew Luck, Charlie Woods, and Taylor Swift’s yearly album drops that keep the pantaloons of every woman 15 to 35 west of the Atlantic ocean moist as the morning dew on freshly laid sod.

With the Jets now up 20-10 going into the 4th quarter, and the Bears absolutely curb stomping a franchise that seemingly understands the gravity of tanking in Jacksonville, it is over. Trevor is booking his flight to Jacksonville and communicating with local meth dealers to get his first score and assimilate to the culture of the land around him for decades to come. Unfortunately, in New York, we sit here in a never ending circle of WFAN callers from Ronkonkoma debating with Carton whether or not we should keep Darnold and just draft a linemen. It doesn’t fucking matter, because inevitably, we will make the wrong decision. We always do.

This level of psychosis as a Jets diehard never seems to end, and I am starting to believe I should introduce BDSM into the household, because clearly I live for the pain.

However, what I can say, is this is better for the NFL. Not because he is going to Jacksonville, because god knows not a single person gives a flying fuck about the swamps of Florida, and the inhabitants within that zoning. It is simply because we now know that the Jets won’t get their claws onto Trevor Lawrence, and he will inevitably go onwards to a Hall of Fame level career and I guess that is good for everyone who follows football. Even if every time us Jet’s fans see him suit up in turquoise make us crave the sweet serenity of a heroin overdose. I can’t wait to see the Jets draft Zach Wilson, him be the next Ryan Leaf to Lawrence’s Manning-like career. The inevitability of it all is almost calming at this point. Buy a beer for any of your friends that roots for the Jets, they deserve it.

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