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‘We Want Cade’ Chants Erupt During Detroit Tigers Game, with Cade Cunningham in Attendance

Written by Nate

During Monday night’s Detroit Tigers game against the Texas Rangers, Cade Cunningham, the projected number one overall prospect in the 2021 NBA Draft, was in attendance at the game.

What some Detroit Sports fans may have misheard during the TV broadcast was the serenade of ‘We Want Cade’ chants that were erupted in some sections at the park—with Cade in one of the luxury boxes there.

Woodward Sports Network on Twitter have captured the video of those chants and it appears Cade gotten very excited over them.

The reason why Detroit fans made those chants could be because their hometown NBA team, the Detroit Pistons, have the number one overall pick in the 2021 Draft—and they are expected to take Cade on draft night.

And let’s say that Cunningham had a grand time exploring the city and going to the Tigers game as well.

Hopefully he did have a great time as he could be attending those games more often if the Pistons do draft him to the team.

Sports in Detroit have flipped in the positive direction as of lately, and with having the Tigers playing good baseball and having the Pistons potentially taking Cunningham, we could be seeing a great amount of excitement for Detroit sports teams in the near future.

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