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“We Just Murdered Coronavirus Son!” Can Faith Healer Cure COVID with Phone Call?

The coronapocalypse has seen some fascinating stories ranging from people imbibing aquarium cleaner to prevent the ‘rona to Hulk Hogan suggesting it’s a punishment from God. However did recently elected representative Cori Bush‘s COVID-19 case get cured thanks to a phone call with her church’s resident healer. The first-term Democrat House of Representatives member was down and out with the ‘rona in 2020, so much so that she was hospitalized twice. However, members from Bush’s church are claiming that changed thanks to a phone call from Dr, Charles Ndifon. Ndiforn is the “presiding apostle” of Kingdom Embassy International Churches. In a scene combining the healing of TV evangelists such as Ernest Angley and Who Wants to be a Millionaire’s “phone-a-friend” segment, Bush’s faith leader called her and cleared up the ol’ ‘rona lickety-split. According to a report from The Washington Free Beacon:

In the April 7, 2020 video, which was filmed at the church’s Rhode Island headquarters known as “The Embassy,” a church leader named “Chris Chris” said that Bush “just called the embassy and she got cured of coronavirus right over the phone.”

“My apostle [Ndifon] is just decreeing, delivering, all that good stuff, in the name of Jesus. And guess what? [Bush] got healed from coronavirus right now, about maybe 30 minutes ago,” said Chris.

“We just murdered coronavirus, son! We just murdered it,” he continued. “I don’t care, bring people with AIDS. Bring the paralyzed people. The paralyzed people are gonna get healed and start breakdancing. The AIDS people, they’re gonna be able to donate blood.”

The idea of murdering coronavirus, raising the dead, curing AIDS, and other minor miracles may seem far-fetched, but Dr. Ndiform claims it’s all real. In a 2018 interview with The Standard, he discussed how Danish journalist Henri Nissen investigated him and that Nissen:

was able to verify over 100,000 miracles through my ministry between 2000 and 2003 in Denmark alone. I allowed him to follow me and document every single miracle. I even instructed the doctors to verify and certify that people were sick before coming to our ministry.

Cori Bush isn’t just a receiver of the Ndiforn’s telephonic healing, she’s also a healer herself. The Washington Free Beacon reports that Ndiforn:

first trained Bush to become a faith healer after she started attending his events in St. Louis in 2011. She started conducting healings and opened the St. Louis chapter of Ndifon’s Kingdom Embassy International church, he said. According to Ndifon’s teachings, illnesses are the result of demonic forces that must be expelled from the body.

“She continued having meetings even when I left St. Louis. She continued healing the sick, she would send the reports,” said Ndifon. “Once in a while, cases they can’t handle, they would send to me.”

Now that Cori Bush is in Congress, perhaps she can use her healing power to fix the deeply-damaged House of Representatives and intellectually-impaired Senate. Is this too much to ask? If so, maybe she can bring Dr. Ndifon in for a special healing session. It could be the greatest miracle of his career but as the Good Book says, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required” (Luke 12:48)

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