We Are Only Three Weeks From College Basketball

Written by Will

LET’S GOOO!!! It’s almost time for one of the best sports in the world to return. Growing up in North Carolina, you had no choice but to love college basketball. How could you not? College hoops are awesome, between the fans, the rivalries, and just March Madness in general, it doesn’t get any better. Also, Jon Rothstein is the best, this man was tweeting about future college basketball schedules in the middle of the election.

We need to protect this man at all costs. If college basketball is what you are focused on during the election, you have your priorities in line. Just to get us more hyped up for the season, Kenpom dropped their rankings at midnight.

This is a wonderful sight to see. Whenever these rankings come out you know the season is right around the corner. After not getting March Madness this year I have been starving for college basketball. Thank goodness it’s almost back, but I swear if March Madness gets ruined again because of Corona then oh man, I’m going to cause a scene. If somehow you hate fun and still aren’t pumped up for the season, take some time and watch these videos below.

Damn, college basketball is the best. See you in three weeks.

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