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We Are Getting Sued Over An Image Of Dave Portnoy We Posted In 2021 And It’s Absolutely Wild – @stoolpresidente

Written by TrevStone

Nothing like running a small website and getting five copyright lawsuits thrown at me at one time. Today I woke up and noticed that I had an email from a law firm who last year sent us a lawsuit over an image and I wasn’t too thrilled. And neither am I again. We are being threatened with this lawsuit or else we have to pay a ton of money upfront. I’m not going to lie, I don’t have a ton of money. Pro Sports Extra isn’t a huge website. It’s something that I’m able to live off of, but not something where I can be getting handed lawsuits over images posted in 2021. This absolutely sucks.

So let me back up.

One of the lawsuits that we are being threatened with is over an image we posted in 2021 that was a still shot of Dave Portnoy who owns Barstool Sports. If you do a quick look on our site you’ll be able to see how we are all Stoolies. Hell, I started this website in 2011 at the age of 13 while I was podcasting at the same time on BlogTalkRadio and it’s how I stumbled upon Portnoy. I know Portnoy more than likely doesn’t even know about this lawsuit and it isn’t even him filing it but rather a photographer who took the image of Portnoy. And no, I’m not going to post the image. And no it wasn’t anything wild or anything like that. Just a basic image of Portnoy that looked like it was taken by a professional. Just a still image. Portnoy as always looked like a stud. But never did I think something like this would happen to us.

But here is the proof:

This absolutely sucks. And I don’t even know what to do. They’re threatening with $20K+ in lawsuits over five images that were viewed by a couple hundred people. This absolutely sucks. Running a small website like this and getting handed lawsuits over blogs posted by people who don’t work here anymore? Sucks. Well…. I’ll keep on grinding, I guess. Thanks a lot to this law firm for basically targeting us and finding any mix up with past images from YEARS ago!

If you want to help our PayPal is [email protected] but either way this might send us to a really rough patch even though we’ve already had a rough year.


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