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We all were Winners Today Because We Got to See PAULINA GRETZKY

Written by Jleibl

A big congratulations to Dustin Johnson on his first ever Masters Victory today but that’s not what we are here for. I was cheering for Dustin today simply because I knew Paulina Gretzky would be waiting for him on the 18th hole. AND MY GOD it did not disappoint.

Paulina’s Fire fit while waiting for DJ to finish today

So in honor of DJ winning and the world getting to see who Paulina is, here are the hottest photos of the great one’s daughter.

She’s beautiful. She’s hot. She’s a sexy mom. She’s a Master’s Winning wife. Don’t ever disrespect her by calling her Dustin Johnson’s wife though. Because she is Paulina Gretzky and she is the sexiest woman alive.

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