We just went over my way to early AFC winners , now its time to look at the NFC side.

AFC North – Minnesota Vikings

The VIkings now has a offensive minded Head Coach in Kevin McConnell . The Vikings have been on the cusp of being that team to knock off the Packers, and gain the division crown.

Vikings betting odds are +240 (Packers -155, Lions +950, Bears +1200)

NFC South – Tamp Bay

With Tom Brady returning this in my book automatically boost them up to the Division lead. Unfortunately for the Bucs their is a team that could knock them off in the South. That team is the Carolina Panthers. The addition of Baker Mayfield make the Panthers a playoff contender and if i am a betting man, which i am i would bet them to sweep off the Bucs for that top spot.

Tamp Bay betting odds are -230 ( Saints +300, Panthers +1000 Falcons +3200)

NFC East – Philadelphia Eagles

The addition of AJ Brown during the draft this year will make a huge impact on this offense. Jalen Hurts will come out of his shell this season and outperform Dak Prescott in the East. They also bolstered their Defense by adding Chauncey-Gardner. The Eagles will surprise a lot of people this year and could possibly make a deep playoff run.

Eagles betting odds are +130 ( Cowboys +155, Commanders +600, Giants +800)

NFC West – San Fransico 49ers

The LA Rams will not repeat as the reigning division champs. The 49ers will surprise the football world by sweeping the Rams and winning the West. Trey Lance will do just enough for the 49ers to prevail. Joey Bosa will give TJ watt for the sack record.

49er betting odds are +165 ( Rams +125, Cardinals +370, Seahawks +2000)

All betting odds are from Fanduel Sportsbook

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