Way to early AFC Division winners

Written by cody mccloud

Every year everyone gives their own take on who’s going to win what division. These are my way to early predictions.

AFC North- Cincinnati Bengals

The logical football fan side of me says the Bengals are going to win, but if you ask the Steeler fan in me the Steelers will win. The main reason i think the Bengals will re-peat as division winners is because they already had an explosive offense already, the problem? The O-Line was terrible, i mean they gave up 9 sacks in the playoff game against Tennessee. They went out and made some killer signing in the off season. They went out and got Alex Cappa, Ted Karras and La’el Collins and for that reason i chose the Bengals to win the division and possibly have another Super Bowl run.

Bengals betting odds are +165 ( Ravens +145, Browns +400, Steelers +950)

AFC South- Indianapolis Colts

I do believe the TItans will not re-peat as division winners, but the Colts will. Indianapolis made a huge addition in Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan comes into Indy with a NFL MVP and Super Bowl appearance under his belt. The Colts are a team that could also make a Super Bowl run this year

Colts betting odds are +140 (Titans +185, Jaguars +750, Texans +2500)

AFC East – Buffalo Bills

The Bills are ging to be the favorites in this division for years to come. Josh Allen is that main reason for the BIlls success and success to come. The Bills are most pick to win the Super Bowl this year and i think that will probably be the case come February.

The Bills betting odds are -230 ( Dolphins +450, Patriots +500,Jets +2000)

AFC West – Los Angeles Chargers

This was a harder decision, because this division has 4 potential playoff teams. I feel like the ChArgers have the better team out of those 4. In my opinion the Chargers have the 2022 NFL MVP in Justin Herbert, and i think he will lead them to make a huge playoff run.

The Chargers betting odds are +220 ( Cheifs +165, Broncos +260, Raiders +650)

All betting odds are from Fanduel Sportsbook

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