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Way Back Wednesday: A Look At Frat Stafford | Matthew Stafford’s Partying College Days

Written by TrevStone

Today’s Wednesday. Thus starting a new series. Everyone knows Throwback Thursday but today is Way Back Wednesday.

All Detroit Lions fans have heard the nickname Frat Stafford instead of Matt Stafford. As a diehard Detroit Lions fan, I love this. Shows that Matthew had fun during his college days. Who didn’t? THATS MY QUARTERBACK!

Listen, I get that it’s Matthew Stafford NOT Matt.. But today we are going to be looking back in time to Stafford’s WILD college days.

Now if his wife Kelly is reading this, she might want to click the ‘X’ on the top right.

I don’t know if this guy went to college actually, I don’t think he ever went to class. Look at Frat Stafford. Having the time of his life.

Could you imagine the party he’d have if he ever won a Super Bowl?

As a diehard Detroit Lions fan, I don’t want Matthew gone after this season. I mean look at this guy. How couldn’t you want him to win? Get him a team around him finally with a front office and some new coaches.

Bring Frat Stafford back in 2021!


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