Watch Your Head Ja Morant Continues To Do Ja Things

Written by schultzyca

It looks like last years Rookie Of The Year is picking up where he left off last year. Ja Morant is a human highlight reel and is so fun to watch. Tonight during his preseason game against the Timberwolves he showed his explosiveness once again.

He is so good and such a fun player to watch, Memphis is a young team on the rise and I have been saying if they get a good veteran like a Demar Derozan or someone to that effect they could be a legit playoff contender. I can’t wait to see Ja develop over the years because last year everything the critics said he couldn’t do he did. He shot the three well he showed that he has legit point guard skills and can make everyone around him better.

He really is a special talent and I think he is going to be around this league for a while. Ja checks every box when you are talking about a potential star, he has the look, skill, and everything else you need in a star. Let see what steps Ja takes this season and continue to see him develop into the player that he is destined to be. Ja is the future and hopefully we can see this team make a playoff run in the near future.

This team has a lot of young players that are young and hunger so you never know what they can do! The Western Conference is tough but now with ten teams making the playoffs now you never know what can happen. This NBA season has the makeup to be very interesting!

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