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Watch: What Did Antonio Brown Buy On His $500K Shopping Spree

You know what it’s like to be spend $500,000 at once? Nope, me either. Antonio Brown has been all over the media lately, but now he’s popping up for his offseason shopping spree.

I always get scared talking about players dropping this kind of money, why? 78% of former NFL players are bankrupt.

Now, I’m not saying that Antonio Brown will go bankrupt, but let’s check out what he just bought with $500,000.

Majority of people know he loves his diamonds but after reaching out to his buddy Gabriel the Jeweler he put in one massive order:

— Richard Mille watch ($190k value)

— 2 more rings ($20k value each. Remember, he already had one)

— 5-carat diamond earrings (50k value)

— An insane diamond chain ($220k value).

Add all that up, and you have $500k!!

If you dropped $500K what would you spend it on? Leave it on the comments.

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