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Watch: Western U.P.’s Bessemer Gets Mentioned as ‘Weed Town’ in Jimmy Fallon’s News Smash Segment | @jimmyfallon

The recent buzz surrounding Bessemer’s problem with the odor from marijuana has caught the attention from none other than the Tonight Show’s host Jimmy Fallon.

On a recent episode on the Tonight Show earlier this week, Fallon used the story of Bessemer’s weed smell issue into the show’s News Smash segment and named in the town in a graphic as ‘Weed Town.’

You can watch the whole News Smash segment video down below. The Bessemer feature is located at the one-minute mark.

In case you haven’t heard already, Bessemer (located in the western region in the Upper Peninsula) has been dealing with a lot of issues about the town smelling like marijuana after multiple residents have complained about the smell.

The odor has gotten so bad that the town’s city council decided to purchase an odor-reducing device to relieve some of the smell.

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