Watch Viral Video Here: Warthog Attacks Man After He Tries To Pet It Like A Dog

Written by Incognito

A man came across a real life Pumba on his property and thought he could pet him like a dog. The footage shows a man recording as a giant warthog is approaching. You can hear the man say, “Hello, boy! I wonder if we can pet him? Hi boy!” The warthog charges the man and you can hear the man scream for help.

This man lives under a rock. In what world do you approach a wild animal that can weigh 130-330 pounds? This isn’t Buddy the golden retriever. He’s not going to lick your face and give you kisses.

‘Pumba’ began trending on Twitter due to the viral video. Pumba is famously the warthog character from Disney’s The Lion King.

Check out the viral video here:

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