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Watch Video: Urban And Shelley Meyer Discuss Family And Being Christians; Fingerblasting Women In The Ass In Public Not Mentioned!

This might be one of my favorite headlines of all time. The Urban Meyer saga of late has taken on a life of its own. But what can you expect from a head football coach who has been mired in controversy throughout his career? The coach has had issues with his players at Florida University regularly being involved in various crimes. While at Ohio State, he kept quiet about domestic abuse that he was aware of between one of his coaches and his wife. Now, with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Meyer was caught on video literally shoving his fingers up a young woman’s ass at a bar in Cincinnati.

In a video on YouTube that aired a few years ago, both Urban and Shelley Meyer discuss their family and what it was like to have older children leaving the nest. Meyer also goes on to talk about being a Christian and how important it is to him. Ironically, nowhere in the Bible does it say it is ok to jam a few fingers up a woman’s ass from behind, especially if it isn’t your wife. In a public setting nonetheless in a day and age whereby just about everything is being recorded.

Take a look at the video below and see just how full of shit Urban Meyer really is.

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