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WATCH: TikToker Gets Tackled by Bodyguard at a Home Depot

Written by Nate

A TikToker got himself into trouble trying to score some clicks and views with a middle-aged man as his stunt went completely wrong at a Home Depot recently.

In the clip below originally posted by TikTok user jaykindafunny8, you can see the kid in the white shirt try to blow air through a roll of paper to the man’s ear. But, it resulted in the Tiktoker getting taken down to a headlock instead.

The TikToker picked the wrong person to try tricks with as the man turns out to be a bodyguard for Black Label Services, a company based out of Florida.

It’s one thing to make crazy dances and rants for views on the platforms, but to blow air to another man’s ear, you will have this result for users like this.

Sorry, but the 20-year-old TikToker should’ve known better not to pick fights with people twice his size. It’s the cold, hard truth.

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