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Watch: Tennis Player Gets Hit in the Groin During Wimbledon Doubles Final

Written by Nate

Trust me, we all have our fair shares of our bad days at work and in sports. But nothing compares to what French tennis player Nicolas Mahut endured yesterday afternoon during the Wimbledon Doubles Final. 

During the matchup against the Colombian duo of Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah, Mahut was retrieving the ball in their set with doubles partner Édouard Roger-Vasselin. Then all of the sudden, the player gets hit ‘where the sun don’t shine.’ 

The event was so shocking and funny that actor Woody Harrelson was stunned by the events that were happening. 

(Video is posted in the link by Brad Gallo below) 

It has to be a tough afternoon for Mahut as he likely got a black-and-blue spot in the groin area and losing in a 6-3 set in the Final to Cabal and Farah and giving Colombia their first-ever Grand Slam tennis championship. 

I would think that this was an accident, but if I had to lose in a championship game or event, it probably would end as the most embarrassing moment of my life after that. 

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