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Watch Tana Mongeau Use Her New Sex Toy; She Will Follow You On Twitter if You Buy It! @tanamongeau

Written by Chris Powers

2021 has without question been the year of Tana Mongeau. The YouTuber and social media icon has had a breakout year and she hasn’t looked back once. She has done an excellent job of expanding her brand to epic proportions, and it does not seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Recently, Tana came out with a new sex toy line that she is promoting. And why wouldn’t she? She has cultivated the perfect audiene for such a product, so she absolutely should be pushing a product like to the consumers. She stated the following on Twitter about the toy and what she will do if you purchase it.

And even though the following tweet has nothing to do with Tana’s new business ventures, I’d be remiss not to include it in this article. Why? Because who doesn’t want to see Tana doing this to herself? I’ve probably watched it over 20 times at this point.

So what exactly is Tana selling? It’s a modified version of the “The Rabbit” that actually has her name on it. You can literally have a piece of “Tana” inside of you. You can read more about the product below. So far, her new “Tana” rabbit has received rave reviews.

If you haven’t bought this product yet, you absolutely need to give it a shot. Support your favorite social media icon and buy it today!

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