WATCH: Stephen Curry Wanted To Be Drafted By The Knicks in 2009. Knicks Fans Will Forever Be in Pain

The 2009 NBA Draft Class was very special: Steph Curry, James Harden, Blake Griffin, DeMar Derozen and countless other sold NBA players. Before the draft Daytona star Stephen Curry was projected to go inside of the top ten after his legendary March Madness run. Knicks fans were excited at the fake that they might have a shot to draft an actual shooting point guard, and it sounded like Steph wanted to be drafted by the Knicks as well.

Obviously know one knew the mega-star that Curry would ultimately develop into but at the time he was a perfect fit for the Knicks. Ultimately he was selected seventh by the Warriors, one pick before the Knicks and us fans have been in pain ever since. Don’t worry though the Knicks drafted an impactful Jordan Hill who got shipped out a couple months into his rookie year, what a legend. It is funny that this was over a decade ago and the Knicks are still in need of a shooting point guard, ironic. I hate being a fan of a team that causes so much heartache but I love them so much. I am an idiot. What could have been.
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