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Watch – Stefan Logan Talks Kneel At 4 Yard Line That Ended His Detroit Lions Pro Days And Why He Kept His Head Up The Entire Time, Went On To Break Records In CFL

Written by TrevStone

Stefan Logan played professional football from 2008 to 2019. He was undrafted out of South Dakota.. He played on multiple different NFL teams throughout his career, as well as setting records in the Canadian Football League.

When you look back at Logan’s career his time in Detroit is where he shined, and was named a Pro Bowl alternate because of his return skills.

Stefan Logan recently appeared on The TrevStone Show which is a podcast hosted on Pro Sports Extra by Trevor ‘TrevStone’ Uren and NIKPSE.

There is one play that I, TrevStone, brought up to Stefan, one that all Detroit Lions fans remember. Stefan kneeling the ball around the 4 yard line. Logan brought tons of joy to the Lions from a special team’s standpoint throughout his time, but one play… one play that I’m sure he would like back is this one:


Listen to what he had to say below, just click play and it’ll start from when he talks about the kickoff.

“That year. That was probably my worst year playing football. They just put in the new kick off, they just moved it up 5 yards. Beggining of that year, I was already having a tough time because I wasn’t getting no more kick offs. Everything was being downed in the end zone. Every game that I went out there it was like, I’m looking at the ball go over my head.

Fast forward to that game, playing against Atlanta. We go out there and I got my dip, I count where I’m supposed to be at. They know they’re trying to back us up and they kick the ball and when they kicked it, it went over my head.. So when it went over my head, I went back to chase it and when I went back to chase it, I instantly forgot where I was at on the field. I thought i was in the end zone, that’s why I downed it.”

*Watch the video below which is set to the clip time @ 49:50*

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