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Watch: Steelers Guard Trai Turner Spits on Raiders LB Marquel Lee

Written by Nate

During a touchdown run by rookie running back Najee Harris and skirmish against the Las Vegas Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers guard Trai Turner did an ultimate scumbag move on one of the Raider linebackers.

In the very short clip below, you can see Turner spitting at Las Vegas’s Marquel Lee just after the run was scored. That stunt led Turner to being deservedly ejected from the game.

Sorry Turner, but that was a classless move right here. Football fans watching the game knew it was an intense argument with the referees involved, but there’s no need to the spit on Lee like that. That spit was just as bad as Bill Romanowski’s back in the day.

We will likely see a hefty fine on Turner in the near future after doing that.

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