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Watch: Someone Made a Spittin’ Chiclets Team in NHL 19 and it Looks Awesome

Written by Nik D

The Spittin’ Chiclets podcast Twitter account posted a fan made video of a created team featuring the Spittin’ Chiclets logo as well as the hosts of the show as playable characters, Ryan Whitney, Paul Bissonnette, “Rear Admiral”, and producer Mike Grinell.

The video has Biz Nasty laying a guy out and RA was throwing fists with an opponent. 

The fan put great detail in making each one of the guys, and even made the logo as close as he could in the game. The remainder of the roster seemed to be filled out with guests of the show, such as Brett Burns.

A sound clip of RA from the podcast was featured in the promo for NHL 20. It will be interesting to see if they incorporate more of the #1 hockey podcast in the game.

Not a big deeaallllll.

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