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Watch: Seattle Mariners’ Jesse Winker Gets Into Fight with ENTIRE Angels Team; Flips Double Bird to LA Fans

Written by Nate

Over at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, there was a full-blown brawl between two fierce AL West teams that would’ve matched the famous Pirates-Reds fight back in 2019.

In the second inning Sunday afternoon, Seattle Mariners outfielder Jesse Winker got beaned in the back by Los Angeles Angels’s Andrew Wantz, which set him off angrily. Despite getting held back by two umpires and LA catcher Max Stassi, Winker wanted to confront the Angels pitcher, but wound up starting a fight with the entire LA team instead.

The skirmish would go on for about two and a half minutes, but LA did land in a few punches on Winker and his Mariners teammates courtesy to Anthony Rendon, who is on the Angels’ injured list. However, Winker had one more message for the Angels fans as he exited the game for his role in his fight.

There is a great guess that there will be a suspension coming to Winker in just a couple days just for instigating the brawl, and giving the ‘double bird’ to LA fans isn’t helping his cause either.

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