Watch: Red Bull 400, 2019 Copper Peak | Laugh as I attempt to run it

Written by TrevStone

Last year I attended the Red Bull 400 in Ironwood, Michigan – Copper Peak for the opportunity to get footage for Pro Sports Extra but this year is different as two weeks ago I was emailed by Red Bull asking if I would like to participate in this years event and well…

I wasn’t going to say no, but on the other side of it… I haven’t trained and haven’t done anything athletic for the past three years and this is the world’s steepest vertical incline challenge…. I didn’t expect to finish…. So when I didn’t I wasn’t disappointed. I didn’t expect much. But no matter what I was going to give it an attempt…

The night before though??

I couldn’t sleep. I had to wake up at seven in the morning and drive to Ironwood which is a two hour drive….. On top of it I didn’t fall asleep till nearly six in the morning….

So the morning of the event I was deciding mentally if I was going to attempt to run or just interview people and well… I probably shouldn’t have picked to run because I made it quarter of the way up the hill and couldn’t go any longer. I give everyone who attempted this kudos – and if you finished… more power to you. I’ll stick to blogging. 

You can see in the video (above) that after I fall down I still get up and keep trying to go… But I just couldn’t go any longer…. Sometimes that’s how it goes.

If anyone has any better footage of the 2PM (Media) heat… Please send it my way. I’d love to see me trying to make my way down the hill after making it partway up and dry heaving and trying to roll down the hill…

I was so light headed – I honestly don’t think I could have finished this race if I was in the best shape I’ve been in, in my entire life. I challenge YOU to attend next year.

Will I train for next year? We will see.

Who won?

Want to watch the full event:

Watch Red Bull 400 Copper Peak 2019 from Copper_Peak on

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