Watch: Raiders Safety Jonathan Abram Takes Scary Hit into TV Cart & Referee, Sprints Off Under His Own Power

Written by Nate

Welp, that was scary, and uh, interesting.

In the first quarter on Monday Night Football, the *new* Las Vegas Raiders safety Jonathan Abram took a bizarre hit as he was involved in a play by New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara and hit referee Sarah Thomas and the TV cart—that looked way too close to the field.

From our vantage point, we all thought Abram suffered a severe injury of some sort. But he would get up to his feet and sprint back to the sideline.

First off, why was the TV cart that close to the field to begin with? Just appears too dangerous from that spot on the sideline.

And secondly, thank goodness Abram is okay from that hit he took. We were all fearing the worst from our view on television.

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