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Watch: Pup Punk Releases New Single, Misbehavin’, Featuring Ellie Schnitt – @holy_schnitt, @puppunkrawx, @PFTCommenter, @RobbieBarstool, @FrankieBorrelli

June 10th is a good day for all pup punk fans! New Music! It is an exceptional cover of The Righteous Gemstones, Misbehavin’, written by Danny McBride (He does play guitar!), actress Edi Patterson, and composer Joseph Stephens. Ellie Schnitt is featured doing Edi Pattersons’ part and knocks it out of the park! It makes you wonder what other Male/Female Duet songs can the band possibly do?

Watch the Music Video:

Kudo’s to the Production Team as well, Both Audio and Video is really good! What is the next song do you think Pup Punk does with Ellie?

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