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Watch: Portland Man Viciously Attacked by BLM/Antifa Rioters as They Searched His Car

Written by Nate

As the riots in Portland, Oregon continue to escalate throughout the city, there was one incident that has captured some attention.

In a thread quote tweeted by political commentator Steven Crowder, there were a few videos posted by Andy Ngo showing a man being taken out of his car by BLM/Antifa protesters and be assaulted repeatedly in front of his passenger.

The rioters would eventually beat the man and made him sit on the ground on his knees. Whenever he tries to stand up, they would assault him again.

The assaults would continue with one of their protesters knocking the man out unconscious after kicking him in the head/face area.

After the beating occurred, the rioters would search in his car for his belongings while the victim remains unconscious.

Currently, the man is still reportedly unconscious at a nearby hospital.

At the time the three videos were posted, there was no police around. However, it is believed on social media that the suspect who kicked the victim in the head is Marquis ‘Keese’ Love. Love is as a ramp agent at Portland International Airport. He was believed to be ‘filming’ the beating and had the word ‘SECURITY’ on the back and front of his shirt.

His Facebook page is now taken down.

Love is reported by Ngo of having a history with the police as he had been charged with domestic violence once before. No arrest towards Love have been made as of yet.

I hope the victim is okay, because it was very graphic and did not look good at all. Plus I hope that Love gets arrested for the beating, the victim does not deserve the assault that Love gave to him.

Even though his Facebook page is down, he still has his Instagram up. If you want to report on Love for his involvement in the beating, feel free to click here for his Instagram.

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