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Watch: Police Officers Knock Over Old Man, Bleeds From Head! What happened to respecting your elders?| BPD Commissioner Byron Lockwood has ordered the immediate suspension of the two officers involved.

Written by TrevStone

What a shame.

What happened to respecting your elders? Could you imagine shoving a 70+ year old man?

I wish I had an age on this man, he clearly is old, look… he didn’t fall over his feet, he fell because he is old. There was no need to shove him at all.

He two officers who shoved him have been suspended. The elder is stable.

How awful! Having to even watch that was painful. What did they think would happen? You’re shoving an old man. You’re telling me you couldn’t tell him to move/walk away? Instead you shove him right away?

This is a disgrace to America! I thought we were told to respect our elders. Imagine looking your grandpa in the eyes and shoving him to the ground on pavement?

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